Features of our tool to visualize your strategy, track current status and achieve greater success

view hoshin screenshot
  • Strategic plan in a single page

    connecting from the long term vision at the top to the actions for this week at the bottom with an owner and a deadline.

  • Proactive alert sending

    to owners of tasks that reach deadlines or indicators that need to be updated.

user dashboard screenshot
  • Personal dashboard

    for each team member with a summary of the KPIs and tasks they are responsible for.

  • Pending actions list

    that show the indicators the user has to update and the tasks that are overdue.

indicator history screenshot
  • Indicator history charts

    showing evolution of the KPI and comparing target values vs consecution.

  • Future trend upload

    to automatically update target values when the date arrives.

health report screenshot
  • Health report

    for each hoshin plan showing objectives with no indicators, indicators with values below the target and without planned or active actions.

  • List users with pending actions

    ordered by the accumulate pending tasks to foster updates.

kanban screenshot
  • Kanban board view

    of the hoshin plan tasks.

  • Inline editing and drag and drop

    to facilitate daily agile meetings with a big screen.